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Just £2 a month could really help a child like Poppy



Can you imagine the daily challenges that someone faces when they have a hearing loss?


Poppy’s loss is moderate, she wears two hearing aids and uses a radio aid too. Every day activities are challenging. The acoustics at her sports lessons are unbearable, she cannot hear the teacher’s instructions at her swimming classes and watching telly is frustrating as she cannot follow subtitles, turning the tv up louder disrupts the sound. Poppy lacks confidence in making friends and talking to new people, lip reading is a struggle when she is unfamiliar with lip patterns. Children like Poppy face these challenges every day, it’s frustrating and exhausting!


Deafness can cause isolation and loneliness, many children struggle to communicate and to be heard.

Can you help us to support Deaf and hard of hearing children like Poppy?

Phoenix works to help children find strategies to manage their hearing loss and bring them together to form friendships with others who are experiencing the same difficulties. We provide:

- Social and Learning opportunities for children and young adults
- Opportunities for parents to participate in training and to find support
- Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language training
- Individual support to families, children and young adults

We aim to:

- Reduce isolation and loneliness whilst increasing friendships
- Help improve life skills and communication
- Improve mental health and well being
- Increase feelings of support and acceptance
- Improve Deaf Awareness and use of BSL in the community


You can make donations:


Donations are really appreciated. We rely heavily on fundraised contributions because this money is unrestricted and can be put towards wherever it is needed most (unlike money we receive for particular projects). Every penny counts! Here are some examples of what your money can go towards:


  • £15 will pay for an hour’s salary for a worker to provide support to the children at holiday and weekend activities.
  • £25 will pay for the community transport scheme to bring a young person to the project from across the county.
  • £35 will pay for an hour’s salary for a British Sign Language Interpreter. We require Interpreter support for at least 20 hours a week supporting our young adults to develop life skills and help them into voluntary and work placements.
  • £50 will pay for a trainer to deliver Deaf Awareness training – this gets us out into the community teaching organisations how to communicate effectively with deaf people.

You can make donations


  • In person by cash
  • Set up a monthly donation below, small regular donations make a difference
  • By cheque (made payable to The Phoenix Group for Deaf Children)
  • Through PayPal by clicking our Donate button at the top of this page.
  • By Electronic Bank Transfer (please contact the office for details)