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Safeguarding Overview

How do we keep your child safe from harm?


  • We have appropriate staff ratios to ensure that we can supervise all of the children, at all times.
  • Staff have undertaken a Police check (Disclosure and Barring Service, DBS) which means that none of the team have been convicted of criminal offences against children or vulnerable adults.
  • Staff are observant and Deaf Aware
  • Staff have regular Safeguarding training
  • Some staff are trained in Mental Health First Aid
  • Our relationship with members is a professional one and we will not form friendships with children, young people and young adults or arrange to meet them outside of working hours.
  • Phoenix Designated Safeguarding Leads are Sam Hollier and Laura Bone but all project staff are trained in reporting safeguarding concerns and disclosures.
  • Staff have full driving licences, business insurance and at least three years’ experience of driving.
  • Staff will not transport anyone under 18 years or vulnerable adults without parental permission.
  • All activities are assessed for risks, if the risk is deemed too high then it will not happen.
  • Individuals personal circumstances and behaviours are very much taken into consideration when we plan and risk assess activities, although we try our best to be inclusive, some activities may not be suitable for everyone.
  • We teach children about online safety and what to do if they don’t feel safe online.
  • We monitor children’s and young people’s use of the internet whilst using Phoenix equipment.
  • We provide online resources to parents to help teach their children about online safety.
  • We will ask parents’ permission before communicating directly with young people.
  • We will not communicate with children and young people during unsocial hours (evenings and weekends when staff are not working).
  • We will only use photographs with Parent or Guardians permission and if the children and young people are happy for their image to be shared. We will also discourage others from taking photographs of children unless they are their own or have permission to do so.
  • We take data protection seriously and will not share your information unless you give us permission to do so.



By Law, we are only required to be inspected by Ofsted if we supervise children under the age of eight years. Phoenix only supervise children eight years and above and therefore Ofsted inspections are not a requirement. Children under eight years are fully supervised by parents at our events and activities.

Sam Hollier is the Designated Safeguarding Lead for Children and Laura Bone DSL for young adults.