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Photo Consent

We require parental consent before we use photos that others will view. For example, our annual yearbook, on our website and social media and funders may also like to see them for evidence.

I DO GIVE permission for my child/ren to be photographed and images used for publicity purposes by The Phoenix Group or by our funders. Photos that contain images of your child may also be displayed on our Facebook page.

I DO NOT GIVE give permission for my child/ren to be photographed for publicity or any other purposes by The Phoenix Group for Deaf Children

Transport Consent

Transport consent (this applies to children over 8 years but if you have children under 8 years, please consider ticking the box below now to save us needing to ask you in the future)

Occasionally we may run activities that involved the transporting of children and young people. Staff have appropriate policies in place as well as insurance to do so and also have undertaken minibus training. You will always be informed if we need to do this prior to participating in an activity. However in an emergency situation, a child may require urgent transportation by staff and we may not be able to contact you at that time. In this situation we require permission in advance to avoid delay.

I DO GIVE permission for my child to be transported to or from activities and will be notified in advanced or in an emergency situation.

I DO NOT GIVE permission for my child to be transported to or from activities, unless in an emergency situation.

Emergency Contact Details

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Funders Information

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(this does NOT include DLA or PIP)

This information helps us to understand which families may be entitled to some subsidised activities.

Below is information that we need to collect as required by our funders. Please use one tick for each member of your family. Please complete all sections.

Ethnic background of parents/carer and children (each tick = a family member)

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English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish/Northern Irish
Any other Black/African/Caribbean background

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0 - 24 years
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