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Vision & Values


Phoenix Vision


Enriching the lives of D/deaf and Hard of Hearing Young People in Hertfordshire.


Our mission is to:


To advance the education of D/deaf children, young people and their families by providing training and activities to learn, empower and promote independence, positive wellbeing and inclusion.



Our objectives:


  • Increase friendships and reduce isolation
  • Improve skills, learning, confidence and independence
  • Promote positive mental health and inclusion
  • Increase feelings of support and inclusion
  • Improve Deaf Awareness and BSL skills in the community



Our values


Committed At the heart of everything we do, is a passion to support deaf children, young people and their families. All our other values are based on the fact we are committed to what we do and we’ll support you in whatever way we can.
Independent We are an independent charity and not regulated by any institution, therefore everything we provide is tailored to the individual case and to those who support us. We will work to our best abilities and in the best interest of Phoenix and our members.
Communication We promote the use of communication whether it be signed or spoken. Both are equally valid and accepted.
Responsive We hear what our members want and need and will act accordingly and promptly. We will work with other organisations and partners to deliver the most effective solutions that we can, in a timely manor.
Respect We welcome individuals from all walks of life, all ages; gender, race, religion, ethnicity. Everyone will be treated fairly, without bias and respected for their unique worth.
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