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Trustees & Trustees Annual Report


Our Board of Trustees


We have a variety of people on our Board of Trustees, some are parents of deaf or hearing-impaired (children with a hearing loss); others are from business, education or health sector, all are volunteers who commit their skills and time to the charity. We are also delighted to have Rebekah on board, she is an Advisory Trustee who is a member of Phoenix Plus. She represents the young members to ensure that their opinions are listened to at the heart of the organisation.


Current Trustees are:


Keith White

I have been a trustee at the Phoenix Group since 2008, and previously acted as Treasurer before becoming Chair in 2012.  I am married with two daughters, the youngest of whom is hearing impaired with a moderate to severe hearing loss who is now studying at university. I currently work in the financial services sector having spent over 35 years supporting large businesses in a variety of senior leadership roles, and look to bring this knowledge and experience to my role in supporting the critical work undertaken by the charity.


John Drewery

I was invited to be a Parent Trustee shortly after Phoenix became a charity. Prior to this I had been Chair of the Fund Raising Committee. Heather & I have three children, two of whom are hearing impaired (have a hearing loss). Sam with profound sensory neural loss in one ear and Rachel with bi-lateral sensory neural loss. Rachel received a cochlear implant in 2012 & (another in) 2014, which has been very successful; she now works for the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity in the kennels.
I am an Architect, specialising in school design and working in North London and also a Governor of a primary school in Hertford, which all three of our children attended.



Rebekah (Phoenix Plus - Advisory Trustee)

My name is Rebekah and I am 21 years old. I am profoundly Deaf and a British Sign Language user. I have been a Phoenix member since the age of 10. At the moment, I am a part-time BSL teacher in Hemel and Watford colleges.
I am involved as a Youth Advisory Representative because I am passionate to improve the Deaf young people's lives in Phoenix and their future by ensuring they have the support and confidence they need when facing barriers like myself. I think it is a good opportunity for deaf young people to get involve in Trustee meetings and give their opinions about Phoenix, so Trustees can find  ways to help  keep Phoenix strong and it also good for the CV!


Enada Vejsiu

My name is Enada Vejsiu and I originally come from Albania. I am a qualified Chartered Management Global Accountant, and I have been working within the financial industry for 14 years. Outside finance I enjoy music and instrumental learning.

Two and a half years ago I had a little boy named Antony and I started watching children television. It is then, I realised that there was a very nice man Mr. Tumble doing the sign language on all of the stories and songs he was singing. And it hit me, life was real and many children and families experience deafness. It was then shortly after the opportunity to work with Phoenix came along and I was immediately captured by the charity what it stands for and the young people.


Barbara Juralovic

My name is Barbara Juralovic and I am a member of the Trustee Board for this fantastic charity. I am an Associate at Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with over 10 years' experience in the finance industry. I am a tennis enthusiast and have a keen interest in behavioural economics.

A few years ago one of my best friends partially lost her hearing overnight, without any prior conditions. This made me realise the challenges young people with a hearing impairment (a hearing loss) face and the impact it has on their mental and physical well-being as well as on their families and friends. When a couple of years later an opportunity came to contribute to the amazing work the Phoenix Group is doing - I immediately jumped onboard!   


Annual General Meeting

We hold this meeting every year in December, usually on the same day as the Children’s Christmas party. You would be most welcome to come along to have your say, find out more about our work during the year and to meet the Trustees.



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