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Phoenix Flyers (8yrs – 13yrs)



Now that your child is over 8 years old, they can join our Flyers group.

We hope that your child is happy for you to leave them with us to supervise, but if they (or you) aren’t ready for this then you are welcome to stay but please encourage your child to be as independent as possible during the activity.

If your child has additional needs that cannot be managed by Phoenix staff (such as personal care, challenging behaviours, and complex medical conditions) then you would be required to stay for the activity.

If you stay and you have younger siblings with you, they can join in if the activity is age appropriate for them but you will need to supervise them yourselves. At some activities, Phoenix will need to buy tickets or pay for entrance etc. Phoenix only have funding to pay towards Deaf children at these activities. If you chose to attend with your hearing children, you must pay the full costs occurred for adults and children. If the activity is not age appropriate for your younger children, please bring something for your child to do whilst waiting for your Flyer aged child. It is very important that you do not leave under eights with Phoenix staff to supervise as Phoenix are not registered or insured to supervise them. This includes even ‘popping out’ for 5 minutes.

If you are at the session with your child but then decide to leave, you must inform a member of staff.

There will be Flyers children attending these sessions without parents present and it is Phoenix staff responsibility to safeguard these children. Therefore we must ask you not to engage in activity with these children, including giving them any instructions.

We hope that eventually your child will be happy to attend these sessions without parents or siblings and develop their independent skills.


Please ensure you are a registered member to book activities, if you are not yet registered, please complete our online registration form before booking. You will only need to complete this information once. Please save your user name and password as it will be required every time you make a booking.


Please ensure you have read and agreed to the consent information before you make a booking.