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The Phoenix Group Strategy 2024 – 2027
Summary for Members Consultation


Please tell us what you think


As a result of online consultations, conversation, observations and other feedback from members, we have produced this DRAFT strategy summary based on the information that you have shared with us. We have already began working to improve areas of the charity based on what you have told us and this document clarifies those areas and gives the charity direction for the future.
We would welcome your comments on the document before we produce our final strategy which will confirm the charity’s objectives for the next few years.

This is a summary of the strategy, if you would like to read the full draft document, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The final strategy will be launched in January 2024, please do not share this document externally at this time.

Our Objectives


1. Opportunities

You said: Your children enjoyed the social activities, a place where your children learn and make friends.
More is needed in the county to support deaf young people and young adults.
Our pledge: To provide personalised support which help children and young people reach their full potential and to work in partnership to ensure a diverse range of opportunities are offered that are age appropriate, accessible and inclusive


2. Training

You said: More training is needed to support parents of deaf children and young people.
Our pledge: To work in partnership, we aspire to increase accessible training opportunities for parents and carers which will support areas of parenting a deaf child. We will also increase delivery of Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language, helping to remove communication barriers within communities.


3. Inclusion

You said: Accessing our services are sometimes difficult due to a range of factors
Our pledge: To reduce barriers such as language, financial or travel, that prevent in the engagement of services.


4. Partnerships

You said: We need to develop our partnership working with other services for deaf children and young people
Our pledge: The commitment of time and resources to develop and maintain positive working relationships with external organisations within Hertfordshire, which will help our membership and the organisation achieve positive outcomes.



We will also aim to:


5. Improve Diversity

We will continue to be inclusive and ensure the organisation and workforce support the work carried out.
Our pledge: Increase the number of D/deaf and hard of hearing people involved in the organisation, and individuals from under- represented groups too. We will also increase our efforts when advertising work and volunteering opportunities, with the aim of creating a more diverse workforce.


6. Aiming for excellence

We will work toward achieving a fully effective workforce in all areas of the charity.
Our pledge: To meet and maintain high standards of performance of staff, trustees and operations.