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Digital safety, e-safety and IT Use


This policy and the procedures it underpins apply to all staff, board of trustees, volunteers and students and anyone working on behalf of Phoenix:

As well as putting safety procedures in place whist children and young adults are using IT at Phoenix, it is an opportunity to teach our members the dangers associated with being online, giving them factual information to help them make informed decisions about their online behaviour and activity. These include;

  • teaching children and young people about healthy relationships
  • helping children and young people develop the awareness and skills needed to keep safe online including understanding associated language.
  • Talk about the dangers of the internet such as grooming, cyber bullying and radicalisation and teach young people appropriate ways to take action to stop this.
  • Teach children and young people what to do if something doesn’t feel safe and how to respond if friends share that they are experiencing inappropriate online activity.
  • Make time to listen to children and young people if they want to talk about their online experiences.



If you think a child is in immediate danger, contact the police on 999. If you're worried about a child but they are not in immediate danger, you should share your concerns with the designated Safeguarding Lead.         


We will seek to promote e-safety:

All staff are responsible for ensuring the children and young people we work with are kept safe whilst using IT equipment at Phoenix and ensure that, as an organisation, we operate in line with our values and within the law in terms of how we use technology. We will use a range of procedures that provide clear and specific directions to staff and volunteers on the appropriate use of ICT.

If you would like access to our full policy, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Safe practice for when communicating visually online


  • Having a designated safeguarding officer to coordinate and oversee online safety;
  • Providing clear and specific directions for staff and parent/carers on how Phoenix conducts all online activity.
  • Considering the communication, sharing relevant links and eventual passwords with parents/carers or relevant adult
  • In livestream sessions ensuring:
  • participants’ background view and sound are appropriate or turn off;
  • participants and anyone in background view are appropriately dressed and attired;
  • any image that would inadvertently allow other participants to become aware of a location, a school attended, and any other personal information is not allowed. E.g. school jumpers, work logos, address information;
  • Parents/Carers/Guardians must be present and in the location for any child under 16 or an adult who we consider to be vulnerable or another Phoenix staff member to be present when another staff member is conversing with the young person;
  • Sessions are not to be recorded by any participants and can only be recorded by Phoenix with the consent of all participants. Intent of recording must be clear to all participants;
  • Participants also need to be informed if photographs are being taken and give opportunity to ‘opt out’ or turn video off;
  • Adapting the content, visuals and language used throughout the sessions to the participants age group;
  • Online facilitators are DBS checked at enhanced level and Safeguarding level 1 trained;