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Big LotterySupporting Families


Our new Family project, funded by the Big Lottery

This is a 5 year project to support families living with hearing loss.  It will:

  • Provide social activities and integration opportunities for deaf children and young people
  • Support deaf children and young people to develop the skills necessary to manage their hearing loss socially and when out and about, so that they have greater access to a broader range of activities. This will include:
    • Skills in managing their hearing loss
    • Skills for developing friendships and reducing social isolation
    • Skills for travelling and living independently
    • Skills to advocate for themselves and their needs


The project will support parent to set up and run their own local parent / family groups, with groups existing across Hertfordshire.  The Family Officer will support parent /carers to run these groups, providing training on topics linked to hearing loss and linking families together.


The project will also provide training in deaf awareness for organisations so that you can identify places that are accessible to your deaf child and your family.  Look at the map of Hertfordshire on our website showing you where these organisations are.



Youth Group Project


Funded by the Big Lottery.



Skills Funding AgencyWorks Skills


Deaf friendly workshops, Tips for getting on in a hearing workplace and Deaf-friendly work experience.


  • Build up a good CV
  • Make a good impression at an interview
  • Tips on working with hearing people
  • Skills to encourage hearing people to be deaf aware
  • Work experience


PLUS a week’s work experience to practice the skills you have learnt.





Hertfordshire Sports Partnership









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