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Questions often asked


Our child has just been diagnosed with a hearing loss. Can you help us?
We can put you in touch with other parents who have experienced this and also you may like to attend some of our courses that have been designed to support you.  We can also provide you with information about benefits that you or your child may be entitled to and provide Advocacy support if required. The National Deaf Children’s Society provide some helpful online information for parents of children who have had a diagnosis, you can find this at https://www.ndcs.org.uk/information-and-support/ 

Do I need to pay to become a member?
No, it is free to join Phoenix, we just ask you to complete a membership form and also a baseline questionnaire that helps us to understand how Phoenix can best support your family.

How do I book activities?
Please book activities and events online. Simply go to the ‘Groups and Events’ tab and find the group that applies to you. Click on ‘Learn more’ and this will give you the activity information. Please complete the online information and pay through Paypal. You will receive an email informing you that you are booked onto your activities. 


For ALL bookings, please complete the online registration form. You will only need to complete this information once. Please save your user name and password as it will be required every time you make a booking.

Can I book more than one activity at once?
Yes you can add many activities to your basket before checking out.

My child doesn’t use/ does use sign language, does this matter?
No, we welcome all children and young people and have Communication Support Workers or Sign Language Interpreters present to help support communication between sign language users and non - sign language users. 

My child is nervous to attend as s/he doesn’t know anyone, can I stay with her/him or can her /his sibling come too?
We understand that it can be difficult joining a new group and we welcome parents or siblings (aged over 8 years) to stay at Phoenix Flyers. Parents don’t usually stay at youth group events as we strongly encourage independence but we would welcome siblings within the age group to stay. Parents stay with their children at all family and Early Bird events.

How much do activities cost?
The cost of activities varies, all activities are subsidised by Phoenix to keep the cost low. If you cannot afford to pay for your child to attend activities, please let us know, we may be able to help. Join up to Shortbreaks this will help contribute to the cost of your child’s activities.

There doesn’t seem to be many activities in my area, why is this?  
We are a user led organisation and we will run activities where our members tell us there is a need. Hertfordshire is a large County and we try our best to put on activities in most areas but if we are not reaching your area, please tell us.